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Victoria / Melbourne, Australia


Drew B. The Artist Bio

Drew B. the artist first entered the biz as an actor and b-moviemaker. During his 10 years in the film industry Drew successfully shot and starred in two full-length horror features (under his full name Andrew Merkelbach), which were subsequently released worldwide on DVD.

The two films "Dead Country" (2007) & "Deader Country" (2009) featured a host of international horror icons and adult stars proving Drew's staying power.   Athough it was behind the scenes that Drew B. was growing ever tired of a thankless and unfulfilling industry. In 2010 Drew decided to move on from his movie-making past and try out his other great love: music.


Drew had always found himself to be more of a spoken word storyteller. In fact, when Drew was 16 he used to have frequent street-based freestyle rap battles with mates. He always won. Now at 27 Drew B. was about to re-enter the world of hip-hop.

Drew B. had experienced many personal up and downs throughout his life and because of this, he proved to have an endless supply of emotional ammo to creatively express though his talent for rap. After putting pen to paper and some lengthy studio time the tracks started to pile up.


In 2011 after various mixtape spots and much acclaim, Drew B. finally released his own 14-track album on iTunes titled Devine Gangster.


Drew returned in 2012 with a free 10 track mixtape titled Rap It Out, which was released online through US street label We Got Now Mixtapes.

In just over 3 months of being online Rap It Out has received over 21,000+ listens and downloads. Drew has also released two brand new singles "Nothin' Matters But Tonight" & " Special Word Play" on iTunes and other related online stores.

Drew’s music currently plays daily on Jango and on US College Underground Radio, where he is a featured artist.
  Drew B's YouTube channel is also a popular visit for fans receiving over 53,000 views to date.

Drew B. is currently represented by Doc Hollywood Media. A brand new album is slated for release later in the year and Drew is ready to perform his tracks live for fans everywhere!

Don't miss out on the hottest new rap artist to come out of Australia!   Drew B. is taking over the international music scene and proving he is the millenniums new definitive storyteller! Drew B. THE name! Drew B. 4 life!

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